After the Mind Driving book, the project turned naturally to

Young Drivers, to look for a more effective approach

to their stubbornly high crash rates.

Below:1) a series of articles is available
2) and a set of specific skills is under development.


1) "How to make novice drivers crash"

A series of articles has this thought-provoking sub-title, chosen to encourage a better
understanding of the 'causes' of high risk first - before jumping to 'solutions'.

The articles are about developing skills (rather than obeying more rules)
- especially in the last three, which are the most frequent downloads:

  1. Young Drivers - Adult Responsibility
  2. Learning to Drive - the Stubborn Truth
  3. Peer Pressure - Driving Under the Influence
  4. Young Drivers and Deadly Passengers
  5. Teaching Young Men to Drive


2) Skills and techniques for Young Drivers

These are under development, to include:

- selected untaught skills from Mind Driving>>>
- plus other skills to address specific young driver risks.

These are the 'SMART' driving skills for Young Drivers, versus the
traditional skills which leave them with high crash risk after passing the test.

Mind Driving book