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As in the previous two articles, the approach is constructive,
with a focus very deliberately on 'skills' rather than 'rules'.

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Teaching Young Men to Drive article

Teaching Young Men To Drive

(How to make novice drivers crash, part 5)

Stephen Haley(Jul 2013)

If young males have such a high crash risk, should we teach them differently?

For drivers age 17-24, males have nearly four times the fatality rate as females in Great Britain. These young men are the highest risk group for deaths, injuries and damage.

This article examines why this problem is so predominantly male, and what could be done about it...

Crucially, driving on public roads is far more about how we think than about our hands-and-feet skills. So at the heart of the crash rates is the way that young males are thinking differently...

.. more useful insights into how males want to drive ..

.. how to harness the male traits to reduce their risk instead ..

.. men and women will usually have quite different mental routes to safe driving ..

.. they look for their skills to be defined by something more than rules ..

.. in driver training, we should see the male traits as a toolbox...opens a lot of major opportunities ..

.. by telling them two 'big secrets' The first is about themselves, and the second is about driving ..

.. past attempts...focussed on everything except matching the training to the core nature of the pupil ..

.. for the training system, it is time to understand young men ..

.. no justification for young males being disadvantaged in safety by the driving test system ..

.. 'modernise' the training syllabus and instructor competencies to be fit for teaching young men ..

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