What People Said

Below are some of the expert comments made
about the original SKILLDRIVER website in 2005.

Such feedback was central to encouraging the project and confirming its direction.

People discussing
For recommendations and events on the published book that followed,
see the Mind Driving page.
"There are lots of good ideas here, and a new approach like this is urgently needed. Driver skill is still the biggest untapped potential in road safety."
Kevin Delaney, Traffic and Road Safety Manager, RAC Foundation (formerly head of Metropolitan Police Traffic Department)
"It is intriguing to see an approach to driving skill that is so different. The Sense of Danger model is very simple, and really does work. For any driver, these new skills will change the way they think - and definitely build better safety."
Andrew Howard, Head of Road Safety, AA Motoring Trust
"What a refreshing and open-minded insight into driving skill! Packed with new ideas, this really captures the thought patterns to bring out any driver's best ability. This is how to stop crashes, and get the death rate falling again as it should be."
Pete Garvey, corporate Defensive Driving instructor and consultant, RoSPA and Diamond advanced examiner, ex-police Class 1 instructor
"This is the future of driver training. It is a breath of fresh air, and a new way forward for road safety. In my company we are dedicated to preventing casualties by developing thinking skills - and SKILLDRIVER shows even more clearly how to achieve that in our training. A superb piece of work."
Adrian Shurmer, Chairman Driver Awareness Ltd, former police Class 1 and VIP Protection instructor.
"This is dynamite! Exactly the breakthrough and fresh thinking on skills that will make safer drivers - at all levels. With this approach there is no longer any excuse for neglecting driver skills as the most important element in road safety."
Mark McArthur-Christie, RoSPA Gold Class driver, IAM Local Group leader, ABD Road Safety spokesman
"This is brilliant! Especially the explanation of the thinking processes, and the focus on active risk management. Crashes are caused by people, and these are exactly the skills to help drivers prevent them."
Graham Ellis, Crash Investigator, 20 years
"We have been waiting years for this – a new approach to road safety."
Nigel Humphries, Road Safety Campaigner
"At last someone has thought through driving skills from the beginning and slain the sacred cows. Its rigorous, its sensible and it works."
Naomi Harrison, campaigner for better driving standards
"This is excellent, and I strongly recommend it to all drivers. It should be compulsory reading for all ADIs (driving instructors) and Members of Parliament!"
IAM Senior Observer
"It definitely showed me how to compensate more safely for other people’s lack of awareness and ability."
Christianne Torrence, high mileage experienced driver (car, bike, ambulance)
"SKILLDRIVER provides a unique insight into the process of safe driving. Much of the content is known to the safest drivers but has never previously been seen in print. It is ESSENTIAL reading for drivers and anyone involved in road safety."
Paul Smith, founder of the Safe Speed road safety campaign
"Congratulations on an excellent site! Shows a superb grasp of where the responsibility lies, and encourages the driver to take full accountability for what happens. As a Driver Training organisation in South Africa, it is encouraging to see an "international" approach to road safety. This has led to changes in our training material."
Eugene Herbert, Managing Director, RAC Driving Solutions, South Africa.