About the Project

SKILLDRIVER is a project aimed at helping to reduce road casualties with new driver skills.

By exploring the 'thinking skills' of driving, it works on how drivers make their decisions and handle risk.

It explains how to achieve far more control over the dangers we face on the road, and also why the
'eyes-and-brain' skills are even more critical to safety than the 'hands-and-feet' skills.

As often happens, the project emerged slowly in the early stages, evolving in response to feedback more than through any grand design:

1996-97 - an interest in novice driver crash risk was sparked when our children started to drive
1997-98 - early ideas and prototypes of the Risk Model and Driving Process
1999-2004 - research and an initial set of structured 'thinking skills'
2004May-Oct - review meetings with about 40 experts in driver training and road safety
Oct - initial Sense of Danger article published
Oct - full day workshop held to 'road-test' some core ideas with advanced drivers
Oct - decision to write up the new approach as a formal 'book'
2005Jan-Mar - online book loaded as pages on this website - high volume of hits and feedback
Apr - initial publisher interest
Aug - publisher signed for printed book
2006May - Mind Driving book published - available from publisher
Sep - public launch of Mind Driving
2006-07 - driving instructor feedback says Mind Driving also applies at Learner level
2007May - Mind Driving workshop available for trainers and transport managers
Sep - Essential Thinking Skills outline proposal to Driving Standards Agency
2008Jan - Essential Thinking Skills trials with driving instructors
Apr - article: YoungDrivers - Adult Responsibility
May - 2-hour, half-day and full-day seminars available for trainer/advanced groups
2009Jan - article: Learning to Drive - the Stubborn Truth
Jul - Young Drivers module added to workshops and seminars
2010May - four day Mind Driving training event for instructors in Scotland
Nov - article: Peer Pressure - Driving Under the Influence
2011-2012 - wider range of workshops and seminars available for:
ADIs, trainers, advanced groups, company drivers and H&S managers
2012Aug - article: Young Drivers and Deadly Passengers
2013Jul - article: Teaching Young Men to Drive
2014Dec - Teaching Young Men to Drive became the most popular download,
narrowly passing Peer Pressure - Driving Under the Influence
2015>>> - ongoing support for trainers, organisations and drivers