Image Downloads

Driver trainers often ask for images from the Mind Driving book to use in their own training material,
and this use is encouraged and licenced without charge within stated conditions of use.

The images are subject to copyright, and the four most requested ones are below.

Conditions of use

That the use of images on this website from the book Mind Driving:

  • shall be for the purpose of road safety and/or the teaching of driving skills
  • shall acknowledge the source, eg: "from the book Mind Driving by Stephen Haley"
  • shall not modify the images except for resizing to fit layouts
  • shall not offer the images for sale, either separately or together with other material.

Please do not download or use the files if you do not accept these conditions, or have any doubt.
Instead, please contact us and we will try to help. Also contact us to request other images.

To download

Right click the text link or icon, and 'Save Target As...' for the high resolution image.

Driving Process diagram (page 37) Skills diagram (page 42)

sometimes called the 'Big Picture'

Driving Process diagram
Skills diagram
Five Stages of Learning diagram (page 45) Five Stages of Learning table (page 47)
5 Stages diagram 5 Stages Table

Cover images

In addition, cover images have also been requested and can be used without restriction.

Right click the icon, and 'Save Target As...' for the high resolution image.
cover flat cover pic lit