MIND DRIVING - training in Scotland, May 2010

Organised by On Board Training
as part of their ongoing commitment
to raising standards in driver training.

Four day event 4-7th May 2010:
workshops and seminar talks by Stephen Haley

OBT red car

WORKSHOPS - Three full day MIND DRIVING sessions for OBT driver trainers

Brian Smith, Training Director:

"This is one of the best training workshops I have had in 9yrs of driver training. The information and ideas sit exceptionally well to be integrated with and fill the gaps with DSA and Roadcraft publications. Seeds have been sown, now the ideas need to be cultivated and used to best effect."

The next step is to integrate this content into lesson plans.

The appraisal summary speaks for itself  >>>

Some comments:

  • "extremely useful and enjoyable"
  • "good new approach, and it's all teachable"
  • "a lot of new tools to improve lessons"
  • "makes key points easier to get across"
  • "will definitely make pupils safer drivers"
  • "adds more satisfaction to the job."

Some trainers saw breakthroughs with pupils in their next few lessons after the workshops.

Fostering simple 'thinking skills' gives pupils a much better foundation for lower crash risk.

Appraisal OBT 7May2010

SEMINAR 6 May 2010 - "An Open MIND to DRIVING - a Driver Trainers' Seminar"

The main session of the day was attended by driver trainers, advanced trainers and road safety officers.

  • "Modernising Driver Training", Aeneas MacRitchie
  • "MIND DRIVING", Stephen Haley
  • "Young Drivers", Stephen Haley
  • "Pass Plus or Pass Negative", Brian Smith
  • "Cornering and Limit Point Analysis", Brian Smith

The evening session was also open to teachers, parents and children.

  • "MIND DRIVING", Stephen Haley
  • "Young Drivers", Stephen Haley
OBT seminar