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Learning to Drive - the Stubborn Truth article

Learning to Drive - the Stubborn Truth

(How to make novice drivers crash, part 2)

Stephen Haley(Jan 2009)

This was to have been an article about the false beliefs that live in the minds of young people and obstruct their path to safe driving. But that will have to wait a while.

Discussion with instructors and drivers has brought to the surface one single belief that casts such a long shadow that it merits separate attention. This belief has been uttered by so many people for so long that it seems to just exist.

Surprisingly though, its damaging effect comes not from it being false, but because it is so true...

.. the relentless old adage, "You really learn to drive after passing the test" ..

.. sits heavy as a lead weight astride the process of learning to drive ..

.. many believe that passing the test has little to do with actual competence ..

.. the problem lies in the scale of what is left untaught ..

.. many of the key skills that experience builds can most definitely be taught ..

.. critical 'revelations' that new drivers are struggling to work out for themselves ..

.. square up to this relic of history, and recognise the deadly omissions in training ..

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